Backcountry Camping at Algonquin Park

Went camping with some friends on the Canada Day long weekend at Algonquin Park. I’d never been, but heard amazing things. I knew it would be nothing like the camping I was used to.

We would be hiking a 30 km trail called Western Uplands throughout the entire weekend.

Day 1 – 5 km, then camp overnight
Day 2 – 10 km, then camp overnight
Day 3 – 10 km, then camp overnight
Day 4 – 5 km back to our cars

Turns out the trail was marked as difficult and they weren’t kidding. Carrying our stuff on our backs was fine, but the trail was insane. At certain points we were actually tight-roping across logs to cross moving rivers. What the actual fuck. It was awesome. When we arrived, I was hoping for a remote site near the water and that’s exactly what we got. We could hear people across the lake and there was a couple at a site next to us.

That night our water filter stopped working. The next day, we had a 10 km hike ahead of us but a few of us knew we couldn’t continue without water. We packed up that afternoon and went back the 5 km like a bunch of losers.



We went straight to a friend’s cottage, did some boating, fishing, and swimming, and then just laughed at how unprepared we were for such a ridiculous hike. Our friends who kept going at Algonquin encountered a bear one night, so I’m pretty relieved we left.


Definitely gonna do it again sometime, but will try to be better prepared.


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