RV Camping in Squamish

It turns out that RV camping is decently priced in early spring, so we gave it a shot this past long weekend. We rented an RV from Cruise Canada (aka Cruise America) and headed north. We hadn’t booked any sites, so we just hoped for the best. We ended up at Alice Lake Provincial Park in Squamish which was exactly as we’d imagined — busy, full of families, and generally dull. The highlight was having beers on the beach in the rain.




We headed further north to check out Whistler and hoped to find some interesting campgrounds. We didn’t have any luck because the only ones we found were shitty. Not naming names, but one was basically just in a parking lot. We headed back to Squamish and found a lookout called Tantalus Lookout where we had to pull over for photos.


We made our way to Squamish Valley Campground and spent the rest of our trip there. The views were awesome, it was relatively remote, and we met some cool cats who were also camping there. 10/10 would camp there again.







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