Green Lake and My OtterBox Drybox

This adventure begins with renting a camper van from Wicked Campers. We’re really getting the hang of camping in a van, so it’s become super convenient.

We thought we’d take the day off on Friday so we could get a head-start on finding the perfect camping spot. We loved the idea of going without a plan, so we did. In hindsight, I don’t think we’ll do that again. We toured around all day looking for a location that was relatively remote without any luck. By the time we accepted the fact that we weren’t going to stumble upon the perfect spot anytime soon, most of the parks were at capacity. We settled on a super shitty provincial campground, but I won’t mention any names. There was a campfire ban in effect, so it was an early night.

The next day we headed to the appropriately-named Green Lake in Whistler to rent a canoe and find a private little beach. Mission accomplished!





Contrary to the photos, we always wear lifejackets. Not because we’re unable to swim, but because we take our dogs with us. If we capsize, we won’t have to focus on trying to swim and keep our heads above water—we can grab the dogs and take them to safety ASAP. They wear lifejackets as well. Rest assured, we took ours off momentarily for the photos 🙂

Most of the photos taken on or around water are taken with my iPhone rather than my SLR because I can fit it into my OtterBox 3510 drybox. I bought mine in Ottawa at Canada Computers, and although OtterBox has since discontinued them, you might still find one in-store. There are different dimensions available, too. The 3510 worked for me so I could fit two cell phones and a bluetooth speaker for listening to some jams. Sorry to any non-Ontario residents, you might need to try Amazon.


Once we finished canoeing, we grabbed some supplies from the camper van and had a barbecue on the beach. I snapped some pics with my SLR now that we were safely on land.




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