Neat Things at Grouse Mountain

I generally try to avoid touristy spots, but found myself at Grouse Mountain anyway. We took the gondola to the top and found a hiking path beyond the grizzly bear habitat. No one else was on the path, so naturally it appealed to us.

It was really cloudy that day, which I consider to be bittersweet for photography. I love how moody and mysterious the clouds can look, but at one point we could hardly see in front of us. Obviously not ideal for taking photos—so enjoy the few we did take.

I titled this post “Neat Things” because we weren’t focused on the popular attractions that enticed all the tourists: restaurants, shows, demonstrations, etc. (although we definitely had to stop to see the grizzly bears—those things were adorable.) Instead, I find myself gravitating toward places I’m not supposed to be so I can find things that are simply neat. Not sensational or popular. Just neat. Also, the rebel in me probably just enjoys the thrill of being where I’m not supposed to, hence the cheeky middle finger photo:


IMG_1649 IMG_1680 - Version 5

IMG_1652 - Version 2


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