Victoria + Nanaimo

Finally made my way to Vancouver Island. Yep, it’s taken me a year.

We took the ferry and spent the night at a really swanky hotel in Victoria called Oak Bay Beach Hotel. We did not fit in. The next day we hiked to the Goldstream Trestle. We fit in there.




We went to Nanaimo the next weekend, but arrived separately. Work obligations meant I joined a day later so Trev took the dogs on the ferry and I hopped on a sea plane.

Pro tip: Next time you take a sea plane, ask to sit next to the pilot. It was an unreal experience—the view was bananas, and it felt like we were all really vulnerable on that tiny plane. The pilot was super nice (shoutout to Chris?) I think he assumed I was some sort of vagrant since he offered to lend me his truck. I reassured him I was meeting someone and would be fine getting around. Regrettably, I didn’t take any good photos because I wanted to enjoy the moment.

We stayed at a neat cabin-hotel hybrid called Tigh-Na-Mara. That evening we grabbed some beers and went for a longass hike along the beach which became increasingly creepy.


IMG_2353 - Version 2


Next stop, Tofino. Any recommendations on where to visit?



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