Cleveland Dam (Daniel)

“Vancouver is boring, it’s only for outdoorsy people.” A friend said she overheard a stranger say this. She (like me) moved to Vancouver from Ottawa and can’t begin to imagine calling Vancouver boring—although we’re very much the “outdoorsy” type so I suppose that stranger isn’t wrong.

A few Sundays back, it was raining non-stop so I hadn’t planned on doing anything too outdoorsy. Around 3pm I became stir crazy and thought, fuck it—I’m going out. I went to the Cleveland Dam in North Van, and then made my way to Cate’s Park since the photos were turning out so dreamy.

IMG_2509 - Version 2

Cleveland Dam


You may notice the shots are wider—I finally purchased a wide-angle lens. I’ve always wanted one, but I recently worked on web design + photography for a homeowner who listed their condo for sale so the wide-angle lens was critical. Anyway, I’m using it a lot and I love it.

You know the drill. All the shots are available for download on my Unsplash profile.


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