Bye Vancouver

Bye Vancouver! It’s been unreal. We sold the apartment, shipped our stuff, and packed the campervan for the drive home to Ottawa. Here are the highlights from our 10-day trip:

June 29: The movers packed all our boxes into a giant moving van. We left the apartment and stayed in Kelowna for the night. Didn’t take any pics because I was so drained from the day.

June 30: Headed to Banff—the part of the country I was most excited to see, and for good reason. We stayed at Lake Louise Campground at Banff National Park. Did you know it has a section which is protected by an electric fence? Yeah, me neither—until I found out we were camping outside of it. Apparently it’s reserved for tent campers. Luckily we didn’t encounter any grizzlies at our campsite, but we saw a mama grizzly with her cubs down the road on the Bow Valley Parkway.



I should mention that we were in Banff on Canada Day weekend. Do not go to Banff on Canada Day weekend.

July 2: We drove to Drumheller, tried to go to the museum, but checked out the badlands instead. Didn’t stay long, but had an awesome time visiting the Hoodoos.

IMG_2993 - Version 2

Apparently I changed a setting on my camera while we were visiting the badlands, because all of my pictures after this one totally suck. I’m gutted because they’re super low res and I’ll never really get to re-take them. We drove to Kindersley, Saskatchewan for the night.

July 3: Van troubles. There was a significant wobble in the front of the van but luckily we made it to Canadian Tire in Regina. Two new front tires later and we were on our way to Brandon, Manitoba—or so we thought. As we were leaving Regina, there were some epic storm clouds coming our way. We would eventually drive through the storm, but I wanted to take photos to showcase the contrast. The direction we were headed (east) was bright and clear. The direction we came from (west) was dark and gloomy. Was it a metaphor? Probably not.


July 4: Drove from Brandon, Manitoba to Kenora, Ontario where we watched some more insane weather. Kenora’s boring but their storms are LIT.

July 5: Drove from Kenora to Thunder Bay where we met with some family.

July 6: Drove to Wawa, Ontario and stayed at a wicked campground called Agawa Bay at Lake Superior Provincial Park. We parked the van right in front of the beach which looked more like the ocean (site 237) Yes, the pics are shit 😦


July 7: More van troubles, so we stopped at Canadian Tire in Espanola. Two new rear tires later and we were on our way to stay in North Bay for the night.

July 8: Arrived in Ottawa.


Alex Geerts is a creative, detail-oriented digital marketer with an insatiable thirst for adventure and storytelling. She’s an explorer, animal lover, photographer, and still uses the word “kewl.”
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