WOW Air Travel Guide Application

My name is Alex Geerts and I’d love to be considered for the Travel Guide position at WOW Air. I’m a creative, detail-oriented digital marketer with an insatiable thirst for adventure and storytelling, and I’m certain I’d be the perfect fit for this role! What sets me apart from other candidates is my experience in marketing communications—I have a deep understanding of branding, content, and social media and have been working in the field for over 6 years since graduating from Business-Marketing in Ottawa, Canada. My training and experience has enabled me to be comfortable presenting creative concepts, using project briefs, developing and adhering to content calendars, and more! I’m also well-versed in analyzing metrics and key performance indicators to determine the performance of content. You can find samples of my work and testimonials from previous clients on my website:

If selected, I would bring my partner Trevor who works in professional sales and is an expert negotiator and navigator. We’re the quintessential budget travellers, and we balance each other in the best way during our adventures (not to mention our chemistry!) In fact, we just returned from our second trip to Iceland and had the best time! Of course, we flew with Wow Air both times and we even rented a campervan from Solstice Campers. We spent a couple nights in hotels for a perfectly blended experience. I’ve visited your beautiful country twice now and although there’s certainly a lot more to discover, I believe my experience will serve as an incredible asset for the Travel Guide position.

During my recent trip, I captured some fun video clips before I even knew about this opportunity, and figured I’d use the footage as my submission. Please note that I used my iPhone since the original intention was just for fun, but I do have professional equipment as well. I’d love the opportunity to discuss further!


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Alex Geerts is a creative, detail-oriented digital marketer with an insatiable thirst for adventure and storytelling. She’s an explorer, animal lover, photographer, and still uses the word “kewl.”
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